Turtle Shield

It is no longer necessary to use a mattress as a shield during a crisis intervention. The Turtle-Shield® is a safer and quicker alternative for protection. If you have defiant, assaultive and aggressive patients, you will appreciate the higher level of safety that the Turtle-Shield® will bring to your facility. It takes an incredible amount of time, energy, and risk to safely secure a combative patient with an improper tool. Injuries from patient violence to nursing staff are more frequent than injuries to workers in "high risk" industries such as construction or mining.


  • Height: 41 inches
  • Width: 24 inches
  • Weight: 10 pounds (approx.)
  • Padding: 0.75 inches water resistant.
  • Nylon Cover: Water repellent. Mildew and rot resistant; washable for infection control.

Benefits of the Turtle-Shield®

  • The Turtle-Shield® provides padded protection for both your employees and an assailant;
  • The Turtle-Shield® and proper training, enables your employees to secure a combative individual;
  • The Turtle-Shield® provides padded protection that reduces the likelihood of lacerations, diminishing the exposure to blood pathogens, such as AIDS;
  • The Turtle-Shield® can be easily stored for immediate use in any work area;
  • The Turtle-Shield® saves money because it reduces the likelihood of work-place injuries;
  • The Turtle-Shield® can be used as a training tool for martial arts and sports. 
  • NST™ - Non-violent Shield Training seminars available on request.
  • The Turtle-Shield® is also useful for police as riot control equipment and self defense, the military as tactical equipment, hospitals and care givers for crisis intervention, martial arts training tool for self defense and much more.

For training and demonstration, please contact our Government Solutions Team.

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